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I have served in the Armed Forces overseas and I have experienced what it is like to be under constant threat of some form of attack. Either from gun fire or random explosions it is definitely no picnic. I can only imagine the fear that the people of the day felt. The not knowing if there is going to be an Atomic Bomb drop on your city. Even with warning the chance of survival is zero if you see the flash from an Atomic Bomb. After watching the video I chuckled a bit because the people of the time were too naive to think that ducking and covering against a wall or close to the ground would protect them.

I do not think that ducking and covering protected the people of Hiroshima and Nagasaki not to mention the radioactive fallout that came with the explosion to those that did survive. This is kind of what it was like before 9/11. The people of the United States were naive in thinking that something like that could never happen. When it did happen people were shocked and angry that someone would dare to attack the United States. Since then the security has been beefed up in every port of exit and entry in the United States.

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This is very similar to what was going on during the time of the Cold War. There were a lot of security implementations to help ferret out those that would bring harm to anyone in the United States. In a sense the communist spies that were in the United States were very much like terrorists are now. They look just like you and me but they have a secret agenda of gathering information or causing problems such as planting bombs in strategic areas to disrupt our way of life. There are so many similarities between the two time frames that it is scary.

As there are similarities there are also differences. One big difference that I noted was the naivety people had back during the cold war compared to now. After watching the video the naivety of the time made me question the intelligence of the people of the time. The video was almost comical as I mentioned above I got a good laugh out of it. We are naive in today’s society but nowhere near that naive.


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