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a divergence that is mainly reflective of that between political conservatives and political liberals
a powerful central authority
sovereign political power rests with the people
maintain the balance of power
renewed religious fervor
are not legally answerable to a higher authority for domestic behavior
private membership
the ideal joining of a unified people in a unified territory
global interaction and nation-states
cultural differences are the easiest differences to resolve

The Russian Revolution
the universalization of Western liberal democracy
ensuring that national interests of states are always protected
a complex set of norms, rules, processes and organizations

The sovereign state has been the primary actor in world politics and the essential building block of the state-based international system. Specify two ways in which the role of the state has diminished. Be sure to fully explain your response.

While it is true that the state is an essential building block of the state-based international system, it is also undeniable that the role of a given state may be diminished. With that, there are two ways in which the role of the state cold be diminished. The first one is regional convergence and the second is globalism.

Regional convergence may cause the decrease of the role of a state since it is the political, economic, legal and social integration of larger regions. Some states are integrated into one union to resolve political and economic problems in the international arena. An example of regional convergence is the emergence of the European Union as a new entity in the international system.

With respect to globalism which is characterized also of dependence and capitalism, the role of the state may be diminished in such a way that states no longer consider its own resources but try to integrate with other states within the international system. A common example of this phenomenon is the emergence of off-shore marketing and investment endeavors of some states. Some companies world wide are taking manpower across the globe in order to save investment funding due to cheap labor. States that are affected of the same become powerless to prevent the said situation due to the need of more investors for economic relief.


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