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My Mexican Riviera Cruise

            Traveling is a way of exploring the different parts of the world and enjoying it at the same time. I believe that everyone desires to travel in order to unwind and savor the fruit of their labor. One of the greatest and best places to visit with during vacation is Mexican Riviera. It has extraordinary and superb spots with accommodating people that tourists will surely not forget. Long before, I always heard about Mexican Riviera Cruise and it really attracted my attention. I am hoping then that if ever opportunity knocks on my door to travel with Mexican Riviera Cruise, I will immediately grab it without any second thought. Fortunately, the hope I have to travel with Mexican Riviera Cruise came to pass this summer.

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 Having a grand vacation is one of my wishes. I guess everyone wants to have that. It is a way of relaxing and treating yourself after handwork. So in order to treat myself with a grand vacation, I did plan to go to Mexican Riviera. It’s a known fact that Mexican Riviera is one of the best and popular cruises destinations nowadays since it has a good reputation and there are a lot of huge and latest ships assigned to this region which offer a year-round service. Not only that, Mexican Riviera has luxury hotels that catch the attention of the travelers.

When I booked myself to travel with the Mexican Riviera Cruise, it made me very excited. I was looking forward for the day of my departure and be able to visit the places I only see on television and on magazines. But before I booked myself, I searched first which months are best to travel and which months are not, however, I found out that cruise lines always destined to go to that region all year round because of its balmy weather except during the months of August and September which is a bit hot.

 My Mexican Riviera Cruise took me to the beautiful sceneries of Acapulco, Cabo San Lucas, Catalina, Ensenada, Mazatlan, and Puerto Vallarta. Although this trip was a bit expensive yet it offered great experiences to me. Its staff was fantastic and very accommodating. I can say that the cruise I was with has best facilities in entertaining its passengers. It has amusements, fancy restaurants, swimming pool and a spa that offer relaxation and convenience to passengers like me.

Our first stopped was in Acapulco. The initial word that was on my mind when I first stepped in Acapulco was “wow”! The place is totally amazing. I can say that this place is the best Mexican Riviera resort because it has its indescribable sceneries that no matter how many trendier resorts have came out yet Acapulco continually maintains its competitive natural beauty. Acapulco also has its latest and trendier resort hotels that continuously growing. It also has water sports that will surely be enjoyed by tourists. I also visited the La Quebrada as its main attraction to tourists.

The second places I visited were the Cabo San Lucas and Catalina. Like in Acapulco, I also had enjoyed in going to these places. Basically, they also have nice beaches and attractive spots that I really enjoyed. I just felt that I was in paradise. Cabo San Lucas is considered as a party town that has an attractive and dazzling abutment of mountains, sea, and desert. It also provides water sports like scuba diving and snorkeling while Catalina was historically known as a place of casino and have plenty of boutiques, shops and restaurants I went in.

The last places I visited with were Ensenada, Mazatlan, and Puerto Vallarta. The days I spent in these places were very memorable and I really savor the fresh air I get from the beaches of these places. I was hoping that it would not end because I was really enjoying the places where the Mexican Riviera Cruise took me. I would say that my trip with Mexican Riviera Cruise was worth with the money I paid.

Finally, the experience I had with the Cruise was unforgettable because of its fantastic services it offers. After my journey ended, I planned again to have another Mexican Riviera Cruise in the future because I want to experience and enjoy again the places I already visited with and be with the Mexican Riviera Cruise staffs that are very accommodating and friendly.

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