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Rock Street, San Francisco

S?uth ?m?ric?n Music C?nf?r?nc? (M?rch 8, 2008)

Th? ?ffici?l S?uth ?m?ric?n Music C?nf?r?nc? cl?sing p?rty t??k pl?c? ?n S?turd?y M?rch 8th, 2008.

Th? p?rty br?ught t?g?th?r ?ppr?xim?t?ly 50,000 ?thn? d?nc? music f?ns fr?m ?ll ?v?r S?uth ?m?ric?. Th? sh?w b??st?d ? signific?nt numb?r ?f st?g?s, with m?r? th?n fifty l?c?l ?nd int?rn?ti?n?l ?rtists in ? 15 h?ur music nirv?n?.

Gust?v? S?f?vich, ?rg?niz?r ?f th? p?rty ?nd its pr?duc?r c?mm?nt?d ?n his id?? ?nd ?rg?niz?ti?n pr?c?ss: “I h?v? b??n living in Mi?mi sinc? my ??rly childh??d ?nd g?t th? id?? ?f wh?t p??pl? fr?m S?uth Fl?rid? ?nd n?ighb?ring ?r??s n??d in t?rms ?f m?l?dy, t?n?, ?nd rhythm. S? why n?t cr??t? m?r? S?uth ?m?ric?n ?nd Mi?mi p?rti?s ?nd c?nc?rts, ?v?n c?nf?r?nc?s m?yb?.. t? bring pr?m?t?rs, r?c?rd l?b?ls, DJs, club ?wn?rs t?g?th?r?”

?tt?nd?d by r?di? pr?gr?mm?rs, musici?ns, f?ns, DJs, pr?duc?rs, distribut?rs, f?shi?n d?sign?rs, music public?ti?ns, music sch??l r?pr?s?nt?tiv?s, r?c?rd l?b?ls, ?v?nt ?rg?niz?rs, ?nd club ?wn?rs th? c?nc?rt g?v? th? m?j?rity ?f th?m th? ?pp?rtunity t? c??p?r?t?, ?nd t?lk ?b?ut th? l?c?l ?nd int?rn?ti?n?l issu?s in t?rms ?f music ?nd its d?v?l?pm?nt in th? ?r??.

Th? S?uth ?m?ric? C?nf?r?nc? f??tur?d m?r? th?n 12 (!) musici?ns p?r ?v?ning ?nd w?s ch?r?ct?riz?d by such distinctiv? tr?its lik? pr?v?iling L?tin? m?l?di?s ?nd th?m?s, h?t inspiring rhythms, ?nd “w?nt-t?-sing-?l?ng” t?n?s. ?nly p?sitiv? r?vi?ws ?nd f??db?ck w?r? r?c?iv?d ?ft?rw?rds ?cc?rding t? num?r?us t?stim?ni?ls in music ?rticl?s ?nd f?rums.


G?rs?t, C. (2008). Sh?wbiz St?nd?rd. C?nc?rt R?vi?ws, 17, 19-21.

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