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S?uth ?m?ric?n Music C?nf?r?nc? (M?rch 8, 2008)

Th? ?ffici?l S?uth ?m?ric?n Music C?nf?r?nc? cl?sing p?rty t??k pl?c? ?n S?turd?y M?rch 8th, 2008.

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Th? p?rty br?ught t?g?th?r ?ppr?xim?t?ly 50,000 ?thn? d?nc? music f?ns fr?m ?ll ?v?r S?uth ?m?ric?. Th? sh?w b??st?d ? signific?nt numb?r ?f st?g?s, with m?r? th?n fifty l?c?l ?nd int?rn?ti?n?l ?rtists in ? 15 h?ur music nirv?n?.

Gust?v? S?f?vich, ?rg?niz?r ?f th? p?rty ?nd its pr?duc?r c?mm?nt?d ?n his id?? ?nd ?rg?niz?ti?n pr?c?ss: “I h?v? b??n living in Mi?mi sinc? my ??rly childh??d ?nd g?t th? id?? ?f wh?t p??pl? fr?m S?uth Fl?rid? ?nd n?ighb?ring ?r??s n??d in t?rms ?f m?l?dy, t?n?, ?nd rhythm. S? why n?t cr??t? m?r? S?uth ?m?ric?n ?nd Mi?mi p?rti?s ?nd c?nc?rts, ?v?n c?nf?r?nc?s m?yb?.. t? bring pr?m?t?rs, r?c?rd l?b?ls, DJs, club ?wn?rs t?g?th?r?”

?tt?nd?d by r?di? pr?gr?mm?rs, musici?ns, f?ns, DJs, pr?duc?rs, distribut?rs, f?shi?n d?sign?rs, music public?ti?ns, music sch??l r?pr?s?nt?tiv?s, r?c?rd l?b?ls, ?v?nt ?rg?niz?rs, ?nd club ?wn?rs th? c?nc?rt g?v? th? m?j?rity ?f th?m th? ?pp?rtunity t? c??p?r?t?, ?nd t?lk ?b?ut th? l?c?l ?nd int?rn?ti?n?l issu?s in t?rms ?f music ?nd its d?v?l?pm?nt in th? ?r??.

Th? S?uth ?m?ric? C?nf?r?nc? f??tur?d m?r? th?n 12 (!) musici?ns p?r ?v?ning ?nd w?s ch?r?ct?riz?d by such distinctiv? tr?its lik? pr?v?iling L?tin? m?l?di?s ?nd th?m?s, h?t inspiring rhythms, ?nd “w?nt-t?-sing-?l?ng” t?n?s. ?nly p?sitiv? r?vi?ws ?nd f??db?ck w?r? r?c?iv?d ?ft?rw?rds ?cc?rding t? num?r?us t?stim?ni?ls in music ?rticl?s ?nd f?rums.


G?rs?t, C. (2008). Sh?wbiz St?nd?rd. C?nc?rt R?vi?ws, 17, 19-21.

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