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There has been much discussion on whether to begin to learn a foreign language at primary school or at secondary school. I will compare and contrast two typical opinions regarding this issue. Start learning a foreign language earlier can benefit students to some extent. For one thing, those children who contact English at a relatively lower ages usually perform better at memorizing words and grammers, which could help them to master language faster.

For the other thing, some foreign languages like English is globally used, equip students with the skills of speaking English as early as possible enable them to be more competitive, which is helpful for their future development. But it may also has a detrimental impact, cause pupils are still at the beginning stage of learning their mother language, they may mixed two languages and neither can be learned well. Start learning a foreign language at secondary school also has its advantage.

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For example, elder students are better at understanding and absorbing knowledge as well as language. They tend to understand it rather than memorize mechanically as well as have a good command of it. But this may increase their study burden. Because they have already need to learn many courses such as Chinese, maths, physics and chemistry etc. If one more course is added, they would have more pressure. In conclusion, despite of the possible negative effects it might bring, I suggest children learn a foreign language as early as possible and believe it can yield more benefits.

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